June 4, 2022

Family Favourites Cookbook

RV Homebase Fraser coast

Food is at the heart of many of our meaningful moments and family traditions. Time and time again, the memories of sharing meals with our loved ones linger in our hearts long after the meal is finished, and the dishes are put away. The recipes featured within our new Family Favourites Cookbook, created exclusively for our Serenitas homeowners, are a way of sharing the special stories behind the recipes and preserving these recipe heirlooms.

Selected homeowners from our lifestyle communities, including RV Homebase, shared recipes from sweet treats to delicious dinners and the heart-felt memories that accompany their special meals. Our homeowners were gifted these cookbooks for Mother’s Day this year as a thank-you for making our lifestyle resorts a caring and supportive community.

Marion Stock from Thyme Moreton Bay is featured in our cookbook, sharing her delicious and surprisingly easy Beans and Rice dish she created for her granddaughter, Bella, who has anaphylaxis risk allergies. “My beautiful granddaughter Bella is 18 but is limited in what she can eat. I created this meal with suitable ingredients I had available in the cupboard at the time. Now she always asks me to make it. I love that it is easy to make for people with other dietary requirements as it is gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and vegetarian.”

Look out for the Family Favourites Cookbook, and we hope you enjoy them as much as homeowners have over the years.

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